A fire alarm system is a major component of preventing small fires turning into a disaster in the workplace. An effective fire alarm system can assist first responders act quickly and prevent the spread of the fire.

Here at Dillon Electrical we take into consideration a number of factors when designing and installing your fire alarm system;

  • Size of property
  • Early fire detection
  • Placement of fire extinguishers
  • PPV Maintenance or Repairs programme for your fire alarm

Protecting your home or business with CCTV not only provides a visible deterrent but also a practical tool for preventing theft, burglary or vandalism. Modern CCTV systems are extremely advanced, can record in 4K and can be monitored remotely on tablets and mobile phones.  Some more commercial implementations may even require infrared heat tracing cameras that can automatically track a person from far away by detecting a heat pattern.

Dillon Electrical have installed systems ranging from domestic 1 camera installations to 28 camera commercial systems and would be happy to attend a fire site survey to assess security requirements for your home or business.